The Online Course Masters Show

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OCM 4: From Udemy to Premium Courses with SuperLearner Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and lifehacker born and raised in Silicon Valley. Since 2014, Jonathan has been one of the top-performing instructors on online learning platform Udemy, and has snowballed this success into the launch of his rapidly growing information...


OCM 3: Rapid Growth to Full Time Business with Peggy Dean

Peggy Dean is an award-winning Skillshare course creator, and I'm excited to have her on the Online Course Masters show. She is a freelance artist and instructor specializing in hand lettering and modern calligraphy, line drawing, watercolor illustrations and graphic design. Using Instagram...


OCM 2: Smart Online Course Creation with Scott Duffy

Scott Duffy's goal is to teach 1,000,000 people. He's on his way there, and I'm happy to have him on the Online Course Masters show. He teaches TOGAF, Microsoft Azure, and a number of other courses on Udemy. A master of course validation, Scott shares his ideas for coming up with courses that...


OCM 1: Online Course Masters Introduction, Phil Ebiner's Story

Here it is - the first episode of my new podcast called Online Course Masters. The podcast is all about creating and selling online courses. Primarily interview-based, I'll be getting inside the minds of amazing course creators from all walks of life. In future episodes, you'll hear from all...