In this interview with Jessica Brody, we learn how authors can sell their own online courses. Jessica is a best-selling author with books being made into movies, contracts with Disney, and a ton of other things going on. She shares how she balances it all and builds a passive income with online courses.

She shares her entire story in this episode of the Online Course Masters show!

In this episode

  • How Jessica got started
  • How Jessica brainstorms and chooses topics that students love
  • The tools Jessica uses to create online courses
  • Making $1,000 in her first week
  • Being a breakout Udemy course creator in 2016
  • Using Facebook to boost posts
  • Jessica's newsletters - and why they're the highest converting tool
  • Jessica's pricing strategy
  • Her favorite thing about teaching online courses
  • Productivity tips for authors and course creators
  • Converting books to online courses
  • Why Jessica scripts her courses

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