In this episode of the Online Course Masters show, I interview Brandon Hakim, founder of Brandon is an avid reader, who has read thousands of books over the past few years. He prides himself in reading those books, extracting the best and most actionable lessons from them, and sharing them with the world.

Brandon started teaching Udemy courses a while back, and we met at Udemy Live in 2016. He's a very inspiring friend, and in this interview, he lives up to the challenge!

He shares his entire story in this episode of the Online Course Masters show!

In this episode:

  • How Brandon Hakim started in the world of online business
  • How to read books better (and quicker)
  • Why setting deadlines is so important
  • How to let go of perfection
  • Creating sales funnels for a premium product
  • Being good at what you're good at
  • Good AND bad reasons for teaching online courses
  • Connecting with people via a Google phone number
  • Brandon's favorite books for course creators
  • Providing maximum value to your customers
  • Tracking and following up with potential customers

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