In this episode of the Online Course Masters show, I interview Mosh Hamedani, a best-selling Udemy instructor who teaches software engineering courses on Udemy. He teaches courses such as Angular and other framework programming courses. Mosh dove right into online courses, actually leaving his full time job to teach online courses full time in the very beginning.

He shares his entire story in this episode of the Online Course Masters show!

In this episode:

  • How Mosh got started with teaching online courses
  • Creating his first free Udemy course
  • Using Udemy's hot topics list
  • Diving into full time online teaching
  • How Mosh balances his time with course creation and other tasks
  • How Mosh plans on growing his online course business
  • Creating great programming courses that students love
  • Using exercises to increase student satisfaction
  • Surveying students
  • Sending automatic messages when students enroll
  • Sending traffic to Udemy courses directly

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