In this interview with Diego Davila, he shares the best way to quickly grow your online course sales by creating systems. He shares why he is 100% happy with his life right now in this episode. Diego started without any audience or any experience teaching online. You can too!

He shares his entire story in this episode of the Online Course Masters show!

In this episode:

  • Diego's start in online business with retail arbitrage
  • Using mindmaps to brainstorm best courses
  • How online courses has changed Diego's life
  • Being in charge of your business and life
  • Starting out on Skillshare
  • Creating online courses in Portuguese
  • The Camino course and premium course
  • Starting out with no audience
  • Teaching anything you know vs. validating your ideas
  • Ranking high in the search results
  • Using webinars to sell online courses
  • Diego's online course equipment
  • How to market online courses
  • Using ads to promote your courses

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